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Pain and our Active Military

Sceptor Pain Foundation and its team of medical experts drafted a research protocol to study pain management in war-wounded patients with polytrauma.  (For example: lost limb, shrapnel from hostile gunfire, and injury while performing military duties in Afghanistan.)  The study will compare spinal cord stimulation and comprehensive medical management (traditional pain medicines).  Our hope is that through this study, we can improve the lives of our military actively protecting America both here and abroad.    The results from this study will also assist pain management professionals in determining the most effective and least life-disruptive course of treatment for civilians.

Sceptor Pain Foundation wishes to develop an educational website that serves all who search for research projects, clinical trials, and experts in pain management.

Sceptor Pain Foundation is exploring the opportunity to host event(s) designed to create awareness.  We welcome the opportunity to work with like-minded foundations as well as develop a signature annual event.

Pain After Delivery, Funded February 2006
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

Over the past decade, there has been a growing awareness that chronic pain syndromes may result from trauma, including surgery. Cesarean section may be the most common major surgical procedure performed in the world; thus, the issue of any chronic disability or pain resulting from this procedure would be of significant public health importance. The purpose of this study is to prospectively evaluate the incidence of long-assisted vaginal delivery, in order to determine the true incidence of this problem. This information will be useful both to provide proper information to women considering the option of elective cesarean section and to justify and facilitate the design of large scale interventional trials to reduce the incidence of post-delivery pain if warranted.