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Winston-Salem Journal:

Doctor treats pain through office, magazine, website.
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 Clinical Research and trials in Pain Management.

Spring 2008:  PainPathways Launched

Proceeds from the magazine benefit Sceptor Pain Foundation.  PainPathways is the ultimate resource for patients, caregivers and physicians seeking current research and therapies. Available in doctors’ offices, Barnes & Noble and B. Dalton bookstores nationwide. PainPathways may also be purchased online at

January 13, 2007: Mike Roman’s story of Courage

On his way to becoming a neurosurgeon, Roman suffered a knee injury that changed his life forever. After losing a leg and battling ten years of chronic pain and depression from pain pills, Roman is now restarting his career as a professional racecar driver and advocate for those in chronic pain. To learn more, visit

February 28, 2005:  “Tame The Pain”

The legendary entertainer, Jerry Lewis, addressed over 200 people in the Lambeth Amphitheater of Forsyth Medical Center. Jerry’s story continues to raise awareness and offers hope to those suffering from chronic pain by sharing his personal story through dialog and wonderful film clips. He was marvelous!